There are 2 different ways to become a member of Sharklab-Malta.

1.    If you really want to make a difference and get involved with the projects and activities which we do throughout the year you can become a subscribed member.


2.    You can simply sign up to our mailing list and become an online member.

Subscribed Members

As a subscribed member, you will receive a unique membership card as well as calendar updates and newsletter plus invitations to take part in all of the organised activities and research projects arranged throughout the year.

As a subscribed member, you will be eligible to use sponsored equipment, as well as receive great discounts on dive equipment and training from our supporting organisations (See the supporter’s link for the list of supporting dive centres).

Online Members

Online only members will receive newsletters and calendar updates; this will allow you to be kept up to date with what is going on with the organisation. Online members must pay the subscription to be eligible to receive discounts through our supporters.

Sharklab-Malta membership details are as follows:

Full Membership                —    €20.00

Junior Membership            —    €10.00     (This applies to all members under 16 yrs)

Student and EVS                 —    €10.00

Online Membership           —    There is no subscription for Online members

Please note the following important information:

As well as the completion of the membership form, Full/Junior/Student/EVS members must complete a liability and assumptions of risk form; which can be completed at the first activity attended.

Junior members must supply contact details of a Parent or Guardian.

All social activities are open to all members including online only members.

To join up please complete a copy of the membership form below and return to us:

                                                    MEMBERSHIP FORM

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