About Sharklab


About Sharklab

Sharklab is a non- profit NGO and was founded by Andrej Gajic and Greg Nowell in 2008 and is an expanding global organisation with researchers based in Bosnia & Herzegovina, South Africa, Malta, North America, Equador, Kuwait, Spain, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Germany, France, Croatia, Australia, Malaysia, Maldives, Canada, Kuwait, and the UK.

Each researcher and research team follow the basic principles of research to aid the preservation and conservation of Sharks. This is being done on a global scale, but unlike many other organisations Sharklab does this on a more local level. All research work is sent to our bases in Bosnia and Malta and is used to highlight the plight of Sharks. The information gathered is published on our websites and is also shared through our member newsletters.

The research currently being done includes creating shark maps and scientific based study of shark biology and ecology. The main goal is to increase awareness to help protect what are now endangered apex predators.  We hope to create global maps of where sharks are, which species and migration data, so we can support and apply pressure globally for more protection.

Our researchers and members have a wide variety of skills which they contribute to Sharklab.

Sharklab is expanding and we need more people to contribute and to make a difference. If you have time and enthusiasm to give sharks a better chance, then we need you. We are hoping that in time Sharklab will have researchers and members in all the countries on this blue planet, and we will stand a better chance of dealing with the problems that sharks are facing.  Finning and overfishing are not the only problems which sharks face, different countries face different problems and we recognise this.

Being a member of Sharklab and contributing to our growing organisation will not only be beneficial for sharks, but will allow you to meet like-minded members and publish your own articles/photographs on the website.

To make a difference, get involved now!

Research, Raising Awareness, Making a Difference  

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