Committee Structure

The committee structure for Sharklab Malta is designed to cover all facets of the organisational and administrative needs for such an active and forward moving NGO. Each member of the committee is determined to carry out there role to enhance work being done to make a difference for all Elasmobranch (sharks, skates, rays and chimaeras) around the Maltese Islands.

The committee is responsible for all decision making and project planning for the organisation.

Sharklab-Malta 2015 Committee:

Chairperson: Greg Nowell (Malta)

Secretary: Marlene Muscat (Malta)

Treasurer: Heather Nowell (Malta)

Membership Coordinator: Mick Peakman (UK)

Public relations: Francesca Debono (Malta)

Research Data Coordinators: Pamela Mason (Malta) Dave Mason (Malta)

Webmasters: Ian Bellia

Director of Diving: Jacqueline Rio-Hedley (Malta)

Activities and Development: Greg Nowell (Malta)

fish4tomorrow reps: Pamela Mason (Malta) Dave Mason (Malta)

Fund sourcing coordinator: Greg Nowell (Malta)

Research, Raising Awareness, Making a Difference  

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