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Guided Snorkelling

For those that have wondered what is happening under the surface,                 Guided Snorkel Pic4
Sharklab-Malta runs a series of guided snorkels throughout the year which
allows members of the public, who may never have snorkelled before, to
explore the shallower parts of the ocean.

No actual experience is needed, apart from being able to swim, as a short
tuition session and hands-on check are carried out before the snorkel

Sharklab volunteers give marine awareness talks on the beach, go
beachcombing and lead guided snorkeling safaris - these activities are all
included on a "Guided Snorkel".

These safaris allow non-divers to discover exciting marine environments for
themselves and gain knowledge of different underwater habitats and the
species that live there. Guided Snorkel Pic5

Close to shore it is possible to see many species such as the Giant tun
mollusc,Common  stingrays, Torpedo rays, Bull rays, Starfish, and many
small fish such as bream, wrasse and  scorpion fish.

Participants bring what equipment they have, such as masks and fins,    
but Sharklab can usually provide all that is needed.

Normally each group will have an experienced leader, a small buoy
to attach the "Divers" flag and several experienced divers to help and, if
necessary, physically support tired snorkellers back to shore.

As an added precaution the snorkel safari route follows the safety lines
and buoys set up around the swimming zone, allowing tired snorkelors the
opportunity to rest while holding on to the rope.
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A self-assessment medical form is required for safety purposes.

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