36 known and identified Shark species within Maltese waters

Order: Hexanchiformes (Cow and Frilled Sharks)

Family: Hexanchidae (Sixgill and Seven gill Sharks)

Heptranchias perlo

Sharpnose Sevengill Shark

Hexanchus griseus

Bluntnose Sixgill Shark

Order: Squaliformes (Dogfish Sharks)

Family: Echinorhinidae (Bramble Sharks)

Echinorhinus brucus

Bramble Shark

Family: Squalidae (Dogfish Sharks)

Squalus acanthias

Piked Dogfish (Spurdog)

Squalus blainvillei

Longnose Spurdog

Family: Centrophoridae (Gulper Sharks)

Centrophorus  granulosus

Gulper Shark

Centrophorus uyato

Dwarf Gulper Shark

Family: Etmopteridae (Lantern Sharks)

Etmopterus spinax

Velvet Belly Shark

Family: Somniosidae (Sleeper Sharks)

Centroscymnus coelolepis

Portuguese Dogfish

Family: Oxynotidae (Roughsharks)

Oxynotus centrina

Angular Rough Shark

Family: Dalatiidae (Kitefin Sharks)

Dalatias licha

Kitefin Shark

Order: Squatiniformes (Angel Sharks)

Family: Squatinidae (Angel Sharks)

Squatina aculeata

Sawback Angel Shark

Squatina oculata

Smoothback Angel Shark

Squatina squatina

Angel Shark

Order: Lamniformes (Mackerel Sharks)

Family: Odontaspididae (Sandtiger Sharks)

Carcharias taurus

Sandtiger Shark

Odontaspis ferox

Smalltooth Sandtiger Shark

Family: Alopiidae (Thresher Sharks)

Alopias superciliosus

Bigeye Thresher Shark

Alopias vulpinus

Thresher Shark

Family: Cetorhinidae (Basking Sharks)

Cetorhinus maximus

Basking Shark

Family: Lamnidae (Mackerel Sharks)

Carcharodon carcharias

Great White Shark

Isurus oxyrinchus

Shortfin Mako Shark

Lamna nasus

Porbeagle Shark

Order: Carcharhiniformes (Ground Sharks)

Family: Scyliorhinidae (Catsharks)

Galeus melastomus

Blackmouth Catshark

Scyliorhinus canicula

Lesser spotted Catshark

Scyliorhinus stellaris


Family: Triakidae (Houndsharks)

Galeorhinus galeus

Tope / School Shark

Mustelus asterias

Starry smoothhound

Mustelus mustelus


Mustelus punctulatus

Blackspotted Smoothhound

Family: Carcharhinidae (Requiem Sharks)

Carcharhinus brachyurus

Copper / Bronze Whaler Shark

Carcharhinus brevipinna

Spinner Shark

Carcharhinus limbatus

Blacktip Shark

Carcharhinus obscurus

Dusky Shark

Carcharhinus plumbeus

Sandbar Shark

Prionace glauca

Blue Shark

Family: Sphyrnidae (Hammerhead Sharks)

Sphyrna zygaena

Smooth Hammerhead

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