Upcoming Events

15th of December: Sharklab – Malta Christmas Party

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Past Events

1st October, 2017 9:00-14:00  at Balluta Bay, Malta

As part of the #OurOcean conference being held in Malta, this official side event will seek to clean and survey below the surface at Balluta Bay. This event is a collaboration between¬†Healthy Seas,¬†Ghost Fishing,¬†ŇĽibel¬†and¬†Sharklab-Malta.

Anyone can join the snorkeling section of the clean-up which will occupy the main area in the bay whilst divers will tackle the deeper pats of the bay and surrounding areas.

The clean-up will run from 9:00 until 12:00 with the collecting of materials, followed by the sorting which will be done by 12:30-13:00. Afterwards, a 30 minute presentation will be given about waste and the impact on the marine environment.

12-14th October, 2017: 21st European Elasmobranch Association Conference 



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