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Sharklab-Malta are at FEE Fest 2020

Jan 2020

Sharklab-Malta are delighted to be supporting this year’s FEE Fest. This three day festival aims to show young learners the latest projects and thinking from local environmental NGOs and international sustainability programmes.  The festival’s overall aim is to engage schools and communities in Education for Sustainable Development. 

On Day 1 we had great fun meeting 160 young students who were very keen to learn, asking loads of questions about the sharks, skates and rays around Malta. We told them all about their clever skin, teeth, eggcases etc. We also shared our Fly with Bullrays activities, and our Recovery and Release program for baby sharks. 

Tomorrow we have another 240 young people to meet – we’ll be busy! 

Very encouraging to see such interest and enthusiasm!

Sharklab-Malta welcomes new SOK students

Jan 2020

What a great start to 2020 – we had our first Awareness Day at Malta National Aquarium and  we also met our new SOK (Systems of Knowledge) students for 2020. They’ll be working with us on their projects until Autumn. This first meeting was time to meet and get to know each other before getting involved in our projects and activitites. They also spent a little time getting a first look at our awareness exhibits. We look forward to working together! 

Sharklab-Malta have a new look website!

Dec 2019

At the end of a busy and successful year we decided it was time to freshen up our website! All the great parts of our original website are still included, but we have added a few new sections for people who are interested in sharks but don’t know much yet, and for kids. There are also details of how you can get more actively involved to support us – we hope you might like to.

We are delighted to see how many of you have already visited. In our first week we increased the number of visitors by ten times our normal numbers – thanks for taking the time to look! 

We’d love to know what you think of the website changes – you can contact us here if you have any thoughts or suggestions.

Sharklab-Malta's new dissection room is ready

Nov 2019

On Saturday 2nd Nov the Sharklab-Malta dissection room major make-over was completed!

We now have all the plumbing, hot and cold water – both in kitchen sink and bathroom. We have a functioning bathroom and fully tiled walls and floors! This along with our main dissection area, and our tea and coffee corner, means we are ready to use this great space on a regular basis for education and research.

This achievement has been completed by our volunteers and wonderful interns. Thank you wonderful people! Thank you too, to the people who donated us the bits and pieces we needed.

Sharklab-Malta helps celebrate Malta National Aquarium's Birthday

Oct 2019

Malta National Aquarium celebrated their 5th birthday with a special weekend of visitor activities. Sharklab-Malta were delighted to be invited to get involved, and we loved the atmospheric setting we were given for our stand. Great fun!

Sharklab-Malta is 11 years old!

Aug 2019

We had a wonderful 11th birthday party at Qawra to celebrate Sharklab-Malta being 11 years old. Great food, good friends, a beautiful sunset and a whole load of achievements to look back on and celebrate. Now looking forward to the year ahead!

Sharklab-Malta joins in the fun of Family Science Week at Esplora

Aug 2019

Sharklab-Malta had a wonderful time at Esplora Science Centre last week – it was fantastic to see so many of you come and see us! We met lots of families, diving groups, and a big group of scouts, beavers and cubs who were camping locally.

We’ve had great feedback from Esplora and from you directly, and we’re delighted to hear that many people said that their favourite thing of the day was SHARKS!

It is so encouraging to see the support and interest you all give us, especially from children who think sharks are both cool and need protection – a great perpective.  If you missed out you can come and visit us at one of our regular monthly Awareness Days at the Malta National Aquarium – you can check out dates here.

Happy Release Day for 9 more baby sharks

July 2019

A HUGE Thank you to all who came along and supported the release of 9 sharks this morning.

Thank you to Dan and the team at the Malta National Aquarium and Simone and the staff at Maltaqua.

Total number released to date : 314 sharks

Big thanks to Ocean Foto and Mario Micallef for sharing these stunning photographs.

Sharklab-Malta & Birdlife enjoy a Brownie Discovery Day: Life beyond Land

May 2019

On 4th of May Sharklab-Malta were delighted to join Birdlife in welcoming approximately 200 Girl Guides to Għadira Nature Reserve and Għadira Bay.  The event was called “Brownie Discovery: Life beyond land”, and allowed Brownies aged 7 to 10 from all across Malta and Gozo to take part in a number of fun nature activities. 

Sharklab-Malta’s activities included Beach Plant Detectives which was a treasure hunt for plants to learn about beach plant life in Malta, Shark Eggcase Study to learn about different ways sharks breed and Things you Didn’t Know about Sharks which had the children look at the different body parts of the sharks you find in the Mediterranean Sea.

The activities by BirdLife Malta included an Unnatural Trail for the participants to learn about the effects of leaving rubbish in nature, Meet a Tree to learn about trees which can be found in Malta, and Bird Detectives which consisted of birdwatching and bird ringing.

Commenting on the event, BirdLife Malta Education Manager Sarah Brady stated: “Connection with nature is very important to us and we are happy to have the children learn whilst having fun at our nature reserves. We look forward to working with the Malta Girl Guides again in the near future”.

Pam Mason, Education Officer of Sharklab-Malta stated: “Although living on islands, many people have never thought about the wildlife in the sea surrounding them, and these sessions with Brownies are designed to increase their awareness, whilst having fun.”

Gaby Meli, Programme Commissioner of the Malta Girl Guides, added: “Outdoor and adventurous activities are a core part of the Malta Girl Guides’ programme. We feel that the best way in which children learn to appreciate nature, biodiversity and its importance to the planet early on, is by giving them the opportunity to experience it hands on! We believe immensely in a learning-by-doing approach and that is why such partnerships enable us to give our members fun-filled experiences that will make them pass the newly discovered experiences to their friends and family. This creates a ripple effect that in the long run will not only benefit our members but the whole community. Furthermore, we value and encourage the benefit that outdoor activities leave on the girls’ physical and mental well-being.”

Thanks for an incredible day at Gozo's 'Science in the Citadel'

April 2019

On Saturday 27th April we had a busy, rewarding day sharing our love of sharks, rays and skates with the hundreds of visitors who came to this impressive annual event!

There was so much enthusiasm from children and adults alike, and a very encouraging level of awareness about conservation.

Thanks to everyone who came to visit us, and to the organisers for such a great event!

Sharklab-Malta and the Science Safari

April 2019

 Over 600 Year 5 students are participating in the Science Safari kids initiative In late March and early April. This was organised by Science Centre Pembroke – Malta at the Malta National Aquarium.

The students toured the aquarium tanks and worked out Maths and Science problem solving tasks displayed on their tablets. Personnel from Avantis used virtual reality headsets to engage students in a simulated seabed environment experience. Students also observed shark skulls and discussed efforts for shark conservation, during a workshop organised by Sharklab-Malta.

This initiative forms part of the STEM popularisation approach that the Directorate for Learning & Assessment Programmes embarked on, to promote STEM subjects and careers among young learners.

Teamwork! Sharklab-Malta and Birdlife share expertise

April 2019

This week Sharklab-Malta and Birdlife volunteers exchanged expertise. We taught them some shark dissection and told them what we do. The Birdlife volunteers then took us outside because they had spotted two rarely sighted birds – gannets!

Here are our three birdlife friends holding the results of their days’ work – two unborn foetuses in jam jars – from the pregnant Long Nosed Spurdog that we dissected. (Squallus blenvillae)

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