About us


Sharklab International is a non- profit NGO and was founded by Andrej Gajic and Greg Nowell in 2008. We have two headquarters- Sharklab- Malta, and Sharklab- Adria, based in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

 As an expanding global organisation we collaborate with researchers based in and other countries, such as Greece, Spain, England, France, Portugal, etc. 


Sharklab- Malta follows a very local approach to get people involved in all kind of activities. The research currently being done in Malta includes studies on the biology and ecology of different species. The main goal is to increase awareness to help protect  elasmobranchs around the islands and the wider Mediterranean.

But research is not the only part of our work here in Malta. Our day-to.day work focuses on our mission to increase awareness and educate people. For this we organize regular awareness activities, eggcase searches, snorkels and SCUBA dives.

Our message to you: COME AND JOIN US!

Our researchers and members have a wide variety of skills, but we need more people to contribute and to make a difference. If you have time and enthusiasm to give sharks a better chance, then we need you.

Being a member of Sharklab and contributing to our growing organisation will not only be beneficial for sharks, but will allow you to meet like-minded members and publish your own articles/photographs on the website.

To make a difference, get involved now!






 In 2016 Sharklab- Malta becam a member organisation of the

European Elasmobranch Association.

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