The Team


Greg Nowell, Co-Founder of Sharklab-Malta

Greg is one of the founders of Sharklab-Malta, and really the head of our organisation. He takes on the bulk of administrative and planning work and invests most of his “free”-time in the organisation. With his endless passion, and knowledge of sharks he infects other people to join our efforts and promotes Sharklab-Malta’s international and national cooperation.




Education Coordinator

Pamela Mason, retired teacher and Chief Examiner

Pam is married to Dave.  They both have been members of Sharklab for just under 9 years. Within the organisation Pamela is responsible for data collection at the fish market, education & awareness events and intern supervision. Dave says Pam is getting good at teaching shark dissection.  Pam admits to being fairly good at preparing exhibits for Sharklab displays.  





Membership Coordinator

Dave Mason B.Sc, PGCE, CQYW

Dave has a degree in Biology, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Teaching, and a Certificate in Youth Work. He worked in research in plant pathology and also on recurrent affective disorder before moving into teaching in schools, colleges and universities. He came to Malta through scuba diving around twenty years ago (and has yet to see a shark that he hasn’t just released!) Together with Pam, he has lived in Malta full-time for the last six years, since retiring. He has been drawn into the shark/fish conservation field and maintains an active interest in both. In Sharklab Dave is responsible for data collection at the fish market and education events, besides supervising interns and leading snorkel tours. 




Marlene Muscat, Student

Marlene studies medical laboratory science at the University of Malta. Marlene has been Sharklab’s secretary for just under 3 years. She documents committee minutes as well as takes care of answering general questions and/or requests about Sharklab through emails, helping people get more more informed and connected with Sharklab. She is proud of her role in the organisation but also thoroughly enjoys the more hands on practice within Sharklab and wishes she has time to do more of it.



Shark Adoption Coordinator

Thea Portelli,  Student

Thea is Sharklab-Malta’s adoption coordinator. If you decide to adopt a shark (or a skate; in the near future you’ll have the possibility to do so!), she will be the one handling your adoption from the start till the end. 

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