Thank you for your inquiry about Adopting a Shark

The sharks available for adoption have all been recovered as fertilised eggs from their mothers landed by fishermen at the main Maltese wholesale fish market. In the past these eggs were simply thrown into the waste bins, but now they have a chance to survive and with your support, we aim to support their development and release them back to where they belong. The two Oviparous (egg-laying) species which can be adopted are Smallerspotted Catsharks (Scyliorhinus canicula) and Nursehounds (Scyliorhinus stellaris).

The “Adopt a Shark” campaign is part of the “Oviparous species Recovery and Release Program”, which is coordinated by Sharklab-Malta and supported by the Malta National Aquarium. This campaign is focussed on education and will also help to raise funds for the running of this campaign and to enable Sharklab-Malta to undertake further research.

So What Happens When You “Adopt a Shark”?

Upon receiving your completed adoption form and payment of €25, we will send you the adoption pack, which includes details of the recovery and release program and information about the species you have chosen to adopt.

After approximately 6 months you will receive a picture of the species you adopted and your very own shark eggcase, just like the one your shark will have hatched from!!

And finally you will be personally invited to witness the release of sharks back where they belong.

So now all you need to do to adopt

a shark is complete the Adopt a Shark

and return this and your

payment to Sharklab-Malta

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