An Eggstraordinary Rescue

We have some good news in these strange and difficult times, and a call for your support.
COVID-19 has restricted almost all of the public events and activities we would normally offer. However the Sharklab team and our interns have been able to continue to safely visit the local fishmarket in the middle of the night to recover eggcases from landed sharks.
During last week’s visit we found an incredible 13 eggcases! These look promisingly healthy, so we plan to keep them safe, and nurture them, along with Malta National Aquarium, until they hatch and grow big enough to be released back into the sea.
To help us continue this work we would really appreciate it if you would consider adopting a shark. It would make a wonderful christmas or birthday present! We can provide an adoption certificate if you are giving this as a gift.
Details of how to adopt can be found by clicking on the picture,  or following the link we share below.
You can visit these little eggcases at the aquarium if you get a chance to go there. Otherwise, we’ll also keep you updated here.
Lets wish them well as they develop and grow!
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