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We are delighted to restart our activities!

We are delighted to be able to resume our summer activities now that COVID-19 guidance in Malta allows it. We look forward to seeing you at an event soon. Understandably, there are restrictions for some events to ensure you stay safe. These are outlined in

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Two baby sharks have just hatched at the Aquarium!

These small-spotted catshark pups hatched at the Aquarium from egg cases that were rescued from Maltese fish markets. The egg cases are removed from the females, brought to Malta National Aquarium and taken care of until they hatch! Then after 6-9 months, the sharks are

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Farewell to our interns, Will and Anona

Jul 2020: Today we said goodbye to our interns, Will Redding and Anona Griffiths who have supported us during these unusual months. They have done an amazing job with us, and have contributed greatly, including research, snorkel surveys and fishmarket visits. Will is a Wildlife Conservation

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COVID-19 related update

Unfortunately, in these difficult times, we have had to cancel our planned face to face events.  While lockdown restrictions are slowly beginning to ease, we are not yet at the stage where we can re-commence community activities. We will do this as soon as it

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Happy World Oceans Day 2020!

We were delighted to recognise World Oceans Day 2020 with our first solo online broadcast supported by a live audience. In these strange times it’s great to find new ways to keep in touch and share our love of sharks, skates and rays. We hope our

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