Meet the Team

Every one of our team members is passionate about shark and ray conservation and devoted to making a difference.



I'm Greg, founder of Sharklab-Malta, and the head of our organisation.

I take on the bulk of administrative and planning work and invest most of my “free”-time in the organisation.

People tell me that my endless passion, and knowledge of sharks infects other people to join our efforts and promotes Sharklab-Malta’s international and national cooperation.

Come and join us!


Education Officer

I am Pam Mason (married to Dave) and I am the Education Officer for Sharklab-Malta.

I am retired from paid work. Whilst working, I changed direction many times but never thought I would be a SHARK person, but there it is!

I teach dissections to interns and SOK students and am proud to report that in 8+ years we have not had any students damaged (they all have the requisite number of fingers!) I have helped many interns to produce fabulous exhibits for our presentations.

I regularly work on the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education programme at primary and middle schools at their TINY TEEN SCIENCE CAFÉS & TEEN SCIENCE CAFÉS.

I am a scuba diver; teacher; caterer; mother; grandmother.


Scientific Officer

I've always been fascinated by the ocean. After finishing my BSc in Earth & Ocean Science in Ireland, I came to Malta in 2012 to work with rescued turtles and discovered Sharklab-Malta. I fell in love with both turtles and sharks and wanted to do more for them. I then returned to university to complete a Masters in Marine Biodiversity in Scotland.

Being in the ocean is one of the best feelings. Since I discovered scuba diving I have tried to get everyone to try it. I love learning new things about our oceans and helping to educate people about it. My favourite quote from Dr Sylvia Earle, fellow marine conservationist, says it all; ‘’They may not care even if they know, but they can't care if they are unaware’’.

In my role as Scientific Officer I hope to continue educating about how great sharks and all elasmobranches are.



I am Biomedical Scientist from Gozo (Malta's sister island) working in a Microbiology laboratory but I am equally fascinated by sharks as I am by bacteria (if not more!).

Before I met Sharklab, I used to read about sharks and marvel at how magnificent they are but sadly it used to stop there. I did not know where to go for more information and I certainly had no clue that there was a local organisation dedicated to them.

Therefore, when I discovered Sharklab during a beach awareness event back in 2012; I was thrilled! I've been involved since then; first as a member and then taking on my current secretarial duties in 2015. Now, I document meeting minutes and deal with general questions/requests about Sharklab through emails; helping people to get more connected with our organisation. Feel free to get in touch at:


(holding position)

I'm Pam, Sharklab-Malta's co-ordinator for all of the SOK students who come and work with us.


Shark Adoption

I am Kalean Borg, the shark adoption coordinator of Sharklab-Malta. Initially, I was a SOK student doing the project with Sharklab-Malta. However the passion and the dedication the team has for conservation of elasmobranches encouraged me to continue participating in various activities hosted by the organisation. Now I occupy the role of shark adoption coordinator and handle the shark adoption process from the start till the end.



I'm a passionate Italian diving instructor and a silent continent's deep lover. I lived many years in Lampedusa working with sea turtle's projects, diving with sandbar sharks, and working throughout Italy with Greenpeace.

I have been involved in conservation and dissemination of the environmental awareness for many years, in fact some would say: "Since forever!" rolling their eyes.

Yes, I'm the kind of friend who will give you a dirty look if you throw your beer can in the wrong bin. What can I do? My latin blood boils. That's why I always feel the need to take action against indifference.

All this brought me to discover Sharklab-Malta with it's significant mission.

I am delighted to join the team and help expand our interaction with the diving community and extend our network for conservation projects.

I'll also be co-ordinating shark, skate and ray sightings - so hope to hear from you with some exciting sighting of our friends the elasmobranchs.



I am the finance secretary for Sharklab-Malta.



I am a zoologist / marine biologist by training who has spent the last 20 years working in the corporate world. So I'm delighted to get back to my roots.

I'm lucky enough to now split my time between Scotland and Malta and I love working with Sharklab-Malta.

People often laugh when I say that sharks are misunderstood, but they genuinely are and they need our help. I hope our awareness sessions and the education we do in schools will go a long way to changing the next generation's beliefs about sharks.

One of my jobs with Sharklab-Malta is keeping our website fresh and interesting. If you have ideas about things you would like us to add then just drop me a message. I love hearing new ideas!



No, it’s not Father Christmas taking his elves for their annual holiday – it’s me! I am the Sharklab-Malta Membership secretary but I have had another life.

I’ve been a medical researcher, road sweeper, University/College lecturer on subjects like human biology, information technology, communication studies, floor cleaning (so the road sweeping did come in handy after all!), computing for the terrified, business process reprogramming (no I didn’t know what it was either until I had to teach it!), a training co-ordinator, an examination writer, a mobile (no, not hanging from the ceiling and looking pretty, but having various roles in a department store to cover for staff shortages) – a varied working life.

I’ve run youth groups, shown scouts on camp how to build bridges, death slides and towers (one time all three in one go – and nobody died!), been involved in many voluntary organisations, underwater clean-ups, turtle watching and others. I like to travel and scuba dive, if possible. If you come on one of the Sharklab-Malta snorkels, I may be your guide (as you can see from the picture I also double as a life raft!)

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