Shark Species

Shark Classification

What is Classification and how does it work?

All things on our planet have a name. This name identifies each thing from another, may it be Object, Animal, or Plant. Things are sorted together according to their similarities, forming groups. Groups that have close resemblance are then collectively known as Class.

Sharks belong to the class of boneless fish known as Chondrichthyes. The Chondrichthyes class is divided in two sub-classes Holocephali (Chimeras) and Elasmobranchii (Sharks and Rays).

Similar species of sharks are put into Families, and families with similar characteristics are placed in larger groups called Orders. At present we know about 556 different types of sharks and these are grouped in around 34 families under 8 Orders.

Because some sharks are known with different names in different parts of the world, scientists give each Species a Scientific name. A clear example of this is the Sandtiger. This shark is known also as Ragged Tooth (South Africa) and Grey Nurse (Australia). So these 3 different names refer to the Sandtiger Carcharias taurus. and to follow the line down for the  Sandtiger as classified in the Animal kingdom, It would read like this:

Kingdom:  Animalia    Phylum: Chordata  Subphylum: Vetrebrata Class: Chondrichthyes  Subclass: Elasmobranchii Order: Lamniformes  Family: Carchariidae Genus: Carcharias  Species: Taurus Scientific Name: Carcharias taurus Common Name: Sandtiger Shark

It is for this reason that whenever we refer to a specific shark, we write down both common and scientific name. i.e. Sandtiger (Carcharias taurus)

Please note that as new species are discovered
regularly this is not a complete list.

ORDER: Hexanchiformes


FAMILY: Chlamydoselachidae  


Chlamydoselachus africanaSouthern African Frilled Shark
Chlamydoselachus anguineusFrilled Shark

FAMILY: Hexanchidae    

Heptranchias perloSharpnosed 7 Gilled (Narrowhead)
Hexanchus griseusBluntnosed Six Gilled (Cow) Shark
Hexanchus nakamuraiBigeyed Six Gilled Shark
Hexanchus vitulusAtlantic Sixgill Shark
Notorynchus cepedianusBroadnosed 7 Gilled Shark (Spotted)

ORDER: Squaliformes


FAMILY: Echinorhinidae  


Echinorhinus brucusBramble Shark
Echinorhinus cookeiPrickly Shark
FAMILY: Squalidae  


Cirrhigaleus asperRoughskin Spurdog
Cirrhigaleus australisSouthern Mandarin Dogfish
Cirrhigaleus barbiferMandarin Dogfish
Squalus acanthiasPiked Dogfish (Spiny, Skittle)
Squalus acutipinnisBluntnose Spiny Dogfish
Squalus albicaudusBrazilian Whitetail Dogfish
Squalus albifronsEastern Highfin Spurdog
Squalus altipinnisWestern Highfin Spurdog
Squalus bahiensisNortheastern Brazilian Dogfish
Squalus bassiLongsnouted African Spurdog
Squalus blainvilleiLongnose Spurdog
Squalus brevirostrisJapanese Shortnose Spurdog
Squalus bucephalusBighead Spurdog
Squalus chlorosulusGreeneye Spurdog
Squalus clarkaeGenie’s Dogfish
Squalus crassispinusFatspine Spurdog
Squalus cubensisCuban Dogfish
Squalus edmindsiEdmund’s Spurdog
Squalus formosusTaiwan Spurdog
Squalus grahamiEastern Longnose Spurdog
Squalus griffiniNew Zealand Dogfish
Squalus hawaiiensisHawaiian Spurdog
Squalus hemipinnisIndonesian Shortnout Dogfish
Squalus japonicusJapanese Spurdog
Squalus lalanneiSeychelles Spurdog
Squalus lobularisAtlantic Lobefin Dogfish
Squalus mahiaMalagasy Skinny Spurdog
Squalus margaretsmithaeSmith’s Spurdog
Squalus megalopsShortnose Spurdog
Squalus melanurusBlacktail Spurdog
Squalus mitsukuriiShortspine Spurdog
Squalus montalbaniPhilippines Spurdog
Squalus nasutusWestern Longnose Spurdog
Squalus notocaudatusBartail Spurdog
Squalus quasimodoHumpback Western Dogfish
Squalus rancureliCyrano Spurdog
Squalus raoulensisKermadec Spiny Dogfish
Squalus suckleyiNorth Pacific Spiny Dogfish
FAMILY: Centrophoridae


Centrophorus acusNeedle Dogfish
Centrophorus atromarginatusDwarf Gulper Shark
Centrophorus granulosusGulper Shark
Centrophorus harrissoniLongnose Gulper Shark
Centrophorus isodonBlackfin Gulper Shark
Centrophorus leslieiAfrican Gulper Shark
Centrophorus longipinnisLongfin Gulper Shark
Centrophorus lusitanicusLowfin Gulper Shark
Centrophorus moluccensisSmallfin Gulper Shark
Centrophorus niaukangTaiwan Gulper Shark
Centrophorus seychellorumSeychelles Gulper Shark
Centrophorus squamosusLeafscale Gulper Shark
Centrophorus tesselatusMosaic Gulper Shark
Centrophorus uyatoLittle Gulper Shark
Centrophorus westaliensisWestern Gulper Shark
Centrophorus zeehaaniSouthern Dogfish
Deania calceaBirdbeak Dogfish
Deania hystricosaRough Longnosed Dogfish
Deania profundorumArrowhead Dogfish
Deania quadrispinosumLongsnout Dogfish
FAMILY: Etmopteridae  


Aculeola nigraHooktooth Dogfish
Centroscyllium excelsumHighfin Dogfish
Centroscyllium fabriciiBlack Dogfish
Centroscyllium granulatumGranular Dogfish
Centroscyllium kamoharaiBareskin Dogfish
Centroscyllium nigrumCombtooth Dogfish
Centroscyllium ornatumOrnate Dogfish
Centroscyllium ritteriWhitefin Dogfish
Etmopterus alphusWhitecheek Lanternshark
Etmopterus baxteriGiant Lanternshark
Etmopterus benchleyiNinja Lanternshark
Etmopterus bigelowiBlurred Smooth Lanternshark
Etmopterus brachyurusShorttail Lanternshark
Etmopterus bullisiLined Lanternshark
Etmopterus burgessiBroadsnout Lanternshark
Etmopterus carteriCylindrical Lanternshark
Etmopterus caudistigmusTailspot Lanternshark
Etmopterus compagnoiBrown Lanternshark
Etmopterus decacuspidatusCombtooth Lanternshark
Etmopterus dianthusPink Lanternshark
Etmopterus dislineatusLined Lanternshark
Etmopterus evansiBlackmouth Lanternshark
Etmopterus fususPygmy Lanternshark
Etmopterus gracilispinisBroadband Lanternshark
Etmopterus granulosusSouthern Lanternshark
Etmopterus hillianusCaribbean Lanternshark
Etmopterus joungiShortfin Smooth Lanternshark
Etmopterus lailaeLaila’s Lanternshark
Etmopterus litvinoviSmalleye Lanternshark
Etmopterus luciferBlackbelly Lanternshark
Etmopterus marshaeMarsha’s lanternshark
Etmopterus molleriSlandertail Lanternshark
Etmopterus perryiDwarf Lanternshark
Etmopterus polliAfrican Lanternshark
Etmopterus princepsGreat Lanternshark
Etmopterus pseudosqualiolusFalse Lanternshark
Etmopterus pusillusSmooth Lanternshark
Etmopterus pycnolepisDensescale Lanternshark
Etmopterus robinsiWest Indian Lanternshark
Etmopterus samadiaePapaun Lanternshark
Etmopterus schultziFringefin Lanternshark
Etmopterus sculptusSculpted Lanternshark
Etmopterus sentosusThorny Lanternshark
Etmopterus sheikoiRasptooth Dogfish
Etmopterus spinaxVelvet Belly Shark
Etmopterus splendidusSplendid Lanternshark
Etmopterus tasmaniensisTasmanian Lanternshark
Etmopterus unicolorBrown Lanternshark
Etmopterus viatorTraveler Lanternshark
Etmopterus villosusHawaiian Lanternshark
Etmopterus virensGreen Lanternshark
Trigonognathus kabeyaiViper Dogfish
FAMILY: Somniosidae


Centroscymnus coelolepisPortuguese Dogfish
Centroscymnus owstoniRoughskin Dogfish
Centroselachus crepidaterLongnose Velvet Dogfish
Proscymnodon macracanthusLargespine Velvet Dogfish
Proscymnodon plunketiPlunket Shark
Scymnodalatias albicaudaWhitetail Dogfish
Scymnodalatias garrickiAzores Dogfish
Scymnodalatias oligodonSparsetooth Dogfish
Scymnodalatias sherwoodiSherwood Dogfish
Scymnodon ringensKnifetooth Dogfish
Somniosus antarcticusSouthern Sleeper Shark
Somniosus longusFrog Shark
Somniosus microcephalusGreenland Shark
Somniosus pacificusPacific Sleeper Shark
Somniosus rostratusLittle Sleeper Shark
Somniosus sp.ALongnose Sleeper Shark
Zameus ichiharaiJapanese Velvet Dogfish
Zameus squamulosusVelvet Dogfish
FAMILY: Oxynotidae 


Oxynotus bruniensisPrickly Dogfish
Oxynotus caribbaeusCaribbean Roughshark
Oxynotus centrinaAngular Roughshark
Oxynotus japonicusJapanese Roughshark
Oxynotus paradoxusSailfin Roughshark
FAMILY: Dalatiidae  


Dalatias lichaKitefin Shark
Euprotomicroides zantedeschiaTaillight Shark
Euprotomicrus bispinatusPygmy Shark
Heteroscymnoides marleyiLongnose Pygmy Shark
Isistius brasiliensisCookiecutter (Cigar) Shark
Isistius labialisSouth China Cookiecutter Shark
Isistius plutodusLargetooth Cookiecutter Shark
Mollisquama mississippiensisAmerican Pocket Shark
Mollisquama pariniPocket Shark
Squaliolus aliaeSmalleye Pygmy Shark
Squaliolus laticaudusSpined Pygmy Shark

ORDER: Pristiophoriformes


FAMILY: Pristiophoridae  

Pliotrema warreniSixgill Sawshark
Pristiophorus cirratusLongnose / Common Sawshark
Pristiophorus delicatusTropical Sawshark
Pristiophorus japonicusJapanese Sawshark
Pristiophorus lanaeLana’s Sawshark
Pristophorus nancyaeAfrican Dwarf Sawshark
Pristiophorus nudipinnisShortnose Sawshark
Pristiophorus schroederiBahamas Sawshark
Pristiophorus sp.AEastern Sawshark

ORDER: Squatiniformes


FAMILY: Squatinidae  

Squatina aculeataSawback Angelshark (Monkfish)
Squatina africanaAfrican Angelshark
Squatina albipunctataEastern Angelshark
Squatina argentinaArgentine Angelshark
Squatina armataChilean Angelshark
Squatina australisAustralian Angelshark
Squatina caillietiPhilippines Angelshark
Squatina californicaPacific Angelshark
Squatina davidDavid’s Angelshark
Squatina dumerilSand Devil
Squatina formosaTaiwan Angelshark
Squatina guggenheimAngular Angelshark
Squatina heteropteraDisparate Angelshark
Squatina japonicaJapanese Angelshark
Squatina legnotaIndonesian Angelshark
Squatina mexicanaMexican Angelshark
Squatina nebulosaClauded Angelshark
Squatina occultaHidden Angelshark
Squatina oculataSmoothback Angelshark
Squatina pseudocellataWestern Angelshark
Squatina punctataAngular Angelshark
Squatina squatinaAngelshark (Monkfish)
Squatina tergocellataOrnate Angelshark
Squatina tergocellatoidesOcellated Angelshark

ORDER: Heterodontiformes


FAMILY: Heterodontidae  

Heterodontus francisciHorn Shark
Heterodontus galeatusCrested Bullhead Shark
Heterodontus japonicusJapanese Bullhead Shark
Heterodontus mexicanusMexican Hornshark
Heterodontus omanensisOman Bullhead Shark
Heterodontus portusjacksoniPort Jackson Shark
Heterodontus quoyiGalapagos Bullhead Shark
Heterodontus ramalheiraWhitespotted Bullhead Shark
Heterodontus zebraZebra Bullhead Shark

ORDER:  Orectolobiformes


FAMILY: Parascylliidae  

Cirrhoscyllium expolitumBarbelthroat Carpetshark
Cirrhoscyllium formosanumTaiwan Saddled Carpetshark
Cirrhoscyllium japonicumSaddled Carpetshark
Parascyllium collareCollared Carpetshark
Parascyllium elongatumElongate Carpetshark
Parascyllium ferrugineumRusty Carpetshark
Parascyllium sparsimaculatumGinger Carpetshark
Parascyllium variolatumNecklace Carpetshark

FAMILY: Brachaeluridae  

Brachaelurus colcloughiBluegrey Carpetshark
Brachaelurus waddiBlind Shark

FAMILY: Orectolobidae  

Eucrossorhinus dasypogonTasselled Wobbegong
Orectolobus floridus  Floral Banded Wobbegong
Orectolobus halei  Gulf Wobbegong
Orectolobus hutchinsiWestern Wobbegong
Orectolobus japonicusJapanese Wobbegong
Orectolobus leptolineatus False Cobbler Wobbegong
Orectolobus maculatusSpotted Wobbegong
Orectolobus ornatusOrnate Wobbegong
Orectolobus parvimaculatusDwarf Spotted Wobbegong
Orectolobus reticulatusNetwork Wobbegong
Orectolobus wardiNorthern Wobbegong
Sutorectus tentaculatusCobbler Wobbegong

FAMILY: Hemiscylliidae  

Chiloscyllium arabicumArabian Carpetshark
Chiloscyllium burmensisBurmese Bambooshark
Chiloscyllium caerulepuntatumBlue Spotted Bambooshark
Chiloscyllium griseumGrey Bambooshark
Chiloscyllium hasseltiIndonesian Bambooshark
Chiloscyllium indicumSlender Bambooshark
Chiloscyllium plagiosumWhitespotted Bambooshark
Chiloscyllium punctatumBrownbanded Bambooshark
Hemiscyllium freycinetiIndonisian Speckled Carpetshark
Hemiscyllium galeiGale’s Epaulette Shark
Hemiscyllium hallstromiPapuan Epaulette Carpetshark
Hemiscyllium halmaheraWalking Bamboo Shark
Hemiscyllium henryiHenry’s Epaulette Shark
Hemiscyllium micharli Michael’s Epaulette Shark
Hemiscyllium ocellatumEpaulette Carpetshark
Hemiscyllium strahaniHooded Carpetshark
Hemiscyllium trispeculareSpeckled Carpetshark

FAMILY: Ginglymostomatidae  

Ginglymostoma cirratumNurse Shark
Ginglymostoma unamiPacific Nurse Shark
Nebrius ferrugineusTawny Nurse Shark
Pseudoginglyostoma brevicaudatumShorttail Nurse Shark

FAMILY: Stegostematidae  

Stegostoma fasciatumZebra Shark

FAMILY: Rhincodontidae  

Rhincodon typusWhale Shark

ORDER:  Lamniformes


FAMILY: Odontaspidae 

Carcharias taurusSandtiger Shark {Greynurse, Ragged, Spotted}
Odontaspis feroxSmalltooth Sandtiger, Raggedtooth (Fierce) Shark
Odontaspis noronhaiBigeye Sandtiger Shark

FAMILY: Pseudocarchariidae  

Pseudocarcharius kamoharaiCrocodile Shark

FAMILY: Mitsukurinidae  

Mitsukurina owstoniGoblin Shark

FAMILY: Megachasmidae  

Megachasma pelagiosMegamouth Shark

FAMILY: Alopiidae  

Alopias pelagicusPelagic Thresher Shark
Alopias superciliosusBigeye Thresher Shark
Alopias vulpinusThresher Shark

FAMILY: Cetorhinidae  

Cetorhinus maximusBasking Shark

FAMILY: Lamnidae  

Carcharodon carchariasWhite Shark (W./Blue Pointer)
Isurus oxyrinchusShortfin Mako
Isurus paucusLongfin Mako
Lamna ditropisSalmon Shark
Lamna nasusPorbeagle Shark

ORDER:  Carcharhiniformes


FAMILY: Scyliorhinid

Apristurus albisomaWhite Bodied Catshark
Apristurus ampliccepsRoughskin Catshark
Apristurus aphyodesWhite Ghost Catshark
Apristurus australisPinocchio Catshark
Apristurus breviventralisShortbelly Catshark
Apristurus brunneusBrown Catshark
Apristurus bucephalusBighead Catshark
Apristurus canutusHoary Catshark
Apristurus exsanguisFlaccid Catshark
Apristurus federoviStout Catshark
Apristurus garrickiGarrick’s Catshark
Apristurus gibbosusHumpback Catshark
Apristurus herklotsiLongfin Catshark
Apristurus indicusSmallbelly Catshark
Apristurus internatusShortnose Demon Catshark
Apristurus investigatorisBroadnose Catshark
Apristurus japonicusJapanese Catshark
Apristurus kampaeLongnose Catshark
Apristurus laurussoniIceland Catshark
Apristurus longicephalusLonghead Catshark
Apristurus macrorhynchusFlathead Catshark
Apristurus macrostomusBroadmouth Catshark
Apristurus manisGhost Catshark
Apristurus melanoasperFleshynose Catshark
Apristurus micropsSmalleye Catshark
Apristurus micropterygeusSmalldorsal Catshark
Apristurus nakayaiMilk-eye Catshark
Apristurus nasutusLargenose Catshark
Apristurus parvipinnisSmallfin Catshark
Apristurus pinguisBulldog / Fat Catshark
Apristurus platyrhynchusBigfin Catshark / Spatulasnout Catshark
Apristurus profundorumDeepwater Catshark
Apristurus riveriBroadgill Catshark
Apristurus saldanhaSaldanha Catshark
Apristurus sibogaePale Catshark
Apristurus sinensisSouth China Catshark
Apristurus spongicepsSponghead Catshark
Apristurus stenseniPanama Ghost Catshark
Apristurus yangiYang’s Longnose Catshark
Asymbolus analisGrey Spotted Catshark
Asymbolus funebrisBlotched Catshark
Asymbolus galacticusStarry Catshark
Asymbolus occiduusWestern Spotted Catshark
Asymbolus pallidusPale Spotted Catshark
Asymbolus parvusDwarf Catshark
Asymbolus rubiginosusOrange Spotted Catshark
Asymbolus submaculatusVariegated Catshark
Asymbolus vincentiGulf Catshark
Atelomycterus baliensisBali Catshark
Atelomycterus erdmanniSpotted-belly Catshark
Atelomycterus fasciatusBanded Sand Catshark
Atelomycterus macleayiAustralian Marbled Catshark
Atelomycterus marmoratusCoral Catshark
Atelomycterus marnkalhaWhitespotted Sand Catshark
Aulohalaelurus kanakorumNew Caledonia Catshark
Aulohalaelurus labiosusBlackspotted Catshark
Bythaelurus alcockiArabian Catshark
Bythaelurus bachiBach’s Catshark
Bythaelurus canescensDusky Catshark
Bythaelurus clevaiBroadhead Catshark
Bythaelurus dawsoniNew Zealand Catshark
Bythaelurus giddingsiGalapogos Catshark
Bythaelurus hispidusBristly Catshark
Bythaelurus immaculatusSpotless Catshark
Bythaelurus incanusSombre Catshark
Bythaelurus lutariusMud Catshark
Bythaelurus nayloriDusky Snout Catshark
Bythaelurus stewartiError Seamount Catshark
Bythaelurus tenuicephalusNarrow-head Catshark
Bythaelurus vivaldiiVivaldi’s Catshark
Cephaloscyllium albipinnumWhitefin Swellshark
Cephaloscylllium cookiCook’s Swellshark
Cephaloscyllium fasciatumReticulated Swellshark
Cephaloscylllium hiscosellumAustralian Reticulated Swellshark
Cephaloscyllium isabellumDraughtsboard Shark
Cephaloscyllium laticepsAustralian Swellshark
Cephaloscylllium pictumPainted Swellshark
Cephaloscyllium sarawakensisSarawak Swellshark
Cephaloscyllium signourumFlagtail Swellshark
Cephaloscyllium silasiIndian Swellshark
Cephaloscyllium speccumSpeckled Swellshark
Cephaloscyllium stevensiSteven’s Swellshark
Cephaloscyllium sufflansBalloon Shark
Cephaloscyllium umbratileJapanese Swellshark
Cephaloscylllium variegatumNorthern Draughtboard / Saddled Swellshark
Cephaloscyllium ventriosumSwellshark (Californian)
Cephaloscylllium zebrumNarrowbar Swellshark
Cephalurus cephalusLollipop Catshark
Figaro boardmaniAustralian Sawtail Catshark
Figaro striatusNorthern Sawtail Catshark
Galeus antillensisAntilles Catshark
Galeus araeRoughtail Catshark
Galeus atlanticusAtlantic Sawtail Catshark
Galeus cadenatiLongfin Sawtail Catshark
Galeus corriganaeCorrigan’s Catshark
Galeus eastmaniGecko Catshark
Galeus gracilusSlander Sawtail Catshark
Galeus longirostrisLongnose Sawtail Catshark
Galeus melastomusBlackmouth Catshark
Galeus mincaroneiSouthern Sawtail Catshark
Galeus murinusMouse Catshark
Galeus nipponensisBroadfin Sawtail Catshark
Galeus piperatusPeppered Catshark
Galeus polliAfrican Sawtail Catshark
Galeus priapusPhallic Catshark
Galeus sauteriBlacktip Sawtail Catshark
Galeus schultziDwarf Sawtail Catshark
Galeus springeriSpringer’s Sawtail Catshark
Halaelurus boesemaniSpeckled Catshark
Halaelurus buergeriBlackspotted (Darkspot) Catshark
Halaelurus lineatusLined Catshark
Halaelurus maculosusIndonesian Speckled Catshark
Halaelurus natalensisTiger Catshark
Halaelurus quaggaQuagga Catshark
Halaelurus sellusRusty Catshark
Haploblepharus edwardsiiPuffadder Shyshark (Happy Eddie)
Haploblepharus fuscusBrown Shyshark (Plain Happy)
Haploblepharus kistnasamyiNatal / Eastern Shyshark (Happy Chappie)
Haploblepharus pictusDark Shyshark (Pretty Happy)
Holohalaelurus favusHomecomb Izak Catshark
Holohalaelurus grennianGrinning Izak
Holohalaelurus melanostigmaTropical (Crying) Izak
Holohalaelurus punctatusWhitespotted (African Spotted) Izak
Holohalaelurus reganiIzak
Parmaturus albimarginatusWhitetip Catshark
Parmaturus albipenisWhite-clasper Catshark
Parmaturus angelaeAngela’s Filetail Catshark
Parmaturus bigusBeige Catshark
Parmaturus campechiensisCampeche Catshark
Parmaturus lanatusVelvet Catshark
Parmaturus macmillaniNew Zealand Filetail
Parmaturus melanobranchiusBlackgill Catshark
Parmaturus nigripalatumIndonesian Filetail Catshark
Parmaturus pilosusSalmander Shark
Parmaturus xaniurusFiletail Catshark
Pentanchus profundicolusOnefin Catshark
Poroderma africanumPyjama Shark (Striped Catshark)
Poroderma pantherinumLeopard Catshark
Schroederichthys biviusNarrowmouth Catshark
Schroederichthys chilensisRedspotted Catshark
Schroederichthys maculatusNarrowtail Catshark
Schroederichthys saurisqualusLizard Catshark
Schroederichthys tenuisSlender Catshark
Scyliorhinus besnardiPolkadot Catshark
Scyliorhinus boaBoa Catshark
Scyliorhinus cabofriensisCabo Frio’s Catshark
Scyliorhinus caniculaSmallspotted Catshark
Scyliorhinus capensisYellowspotted Catshark
Scyliorhinus cervigoniWest African Catshark
Scyliorhinus comoroensisComoro Catshark
Scyliorhinus garmaniBrownspotted Catshark
Scyliorhinus haeckeliiFreckled Catshark
Scyliorhinus hesperiusWhitesaddled Catshark
Scyliorhinus meadiBlotched Catshark
Scyliorhinus retiferChain Catshark
Scyliorhinus stellarisNursehound
Scyliorhinus tokubeeIzu Catshark
Scyliorhinus torazameCloudy Catshark
Scyliorhinus torreiDwarf Catshark
Scyliorhinus ugoiDark Speckled Catshark

FAMILY: Proscylliidae 

Ctenacis fehlmanniHarlequin Catshark
Eridacnis barbouriCuban Ribbontail Catshark
Eridacnis radcliffeiPigmy Ribbontail Catshark
Eridacnis sinuansAfrican Ribbontail Catshark
Proscyllium habereriGraceful Catshark
Proscyllium magnificumClown (Magnificent) Catshark
Proscyllium venustumSpotted Smooth Dogfish

FAMILY: Pseudotriakidae 

Gollum attenuatusSlender Smoothhound (Gollumshark)
Gollum sp.BWhitemarked Gollumshark
Gollum suluensisSulu Gollumshark
Pseudotriakis microdonFalse Catshark
Planonasus indicusEastern Dwarf False Catshark
Planonasus pariniPygmy False Catshark

FAMILY: Leptochariidae 

Leptocharias smithiiBarbeled Houndshark

FAMILY: Triakidae 

Furgaleus mackiWhiskery Shark
Galeorhinus galeusTope (Soupfin / School Shark)
Gogolia filewoodiSailback Houndshark
Hemitriakis abditaDarksnout (Deepwater) Sicklefin Houndshark
Hemitriakis complicofasciataStriped Topeshark
Hemitriakis falcataSicklefin Houndshark
Hemitriakis indroyonoiIndonesian Houndshark
Hemitriakis japanicaJapanese Topeshark
Hemitriakis leucoperipteraWhitefin Topeshark
Hypogaleus hyugaensisBlacktip Topeshark (Pencil Shark)
Iago garrickiLongnose Houndshark
Iago omanensisBigeye Houndshark
Mustelus albipinnisWhite-margin Fin Houndshark
Mustelus antarcticusGummy Shark
Mustelus asteriasStarry Smoothhound
Mustelus californicusGrey Smoothhound
Mustelus canisDusky Smoothhound
Mustelus dorsalisSharptooth Smoothhound
Mustelus fasciatusStriped Smoothhound
Mustelus griseusSpotless Smoothhound
Mustelus henleiBrown Smoothhound
Mustelus higmaniSmalleye Smoothhound
Mustelus lenticulatusSpotted Estuary Smoothhound (Rig)
Mustelus lunulatusSicklefin Smoothhound
Mustelus manazoStarspotted Smoothhound
Mustelus mangalorensisMangalore Houndshark
Mustelus mentoSpeckled Smoothhound
Mustelus minicanisVenezuelan Dwarf Smoothhound
Mustelus mosisArabian Smoothhound (Hardnose / Moses)
Mustelus mustelusSmoothhound
Mustelus norrisiNarrowfin Smoothhound (Florida)
Mustelus palumbesWhitespot Smoothhound
Mustelus punctulatusBlackspot Smoothhound
Mustelus ravidusAustralian Grey Smoothhound
Mustelus schmittiNarrownose Smoothhound
Mustelus sinusmexicanusGulf of Mexico Smoothhound
Mustelus stevensiWhitesotted Gummy Shark
Mustelus walkeriEastern Spotted Gummy Shark
Mustelus whitneyiHumpback Smoothhound
Mustelus widodoiWhitefin Smoothhound
Scylliogaleus queckettiFlapnose Houndshark
Triakis acutipinnaSharpfin Houndshark
Triakis maculataSpotted Houndshark
Triakis megalopterusSpotted Gully Shark
Triakis scylliumBanded Houndshark
Triakis semifasciataLeopard Shark

FAMILY: Hemigaleidae 

Chaenogaleus macrostomaHooktooth Shark
Hemigaleus australiensisAustralian Weasel Shark
Hemigaleus microstomaSicklefin Weasel Shark
Hemipristis elongatusSnaggletooth Shark
Paragaleus leucolomatusWhitetip Weasel Shark
Paragaleus pectoralisAtlantic Weasel Shark
Paragaleus randalliSlender Weasel Shark
Paragaleus tengiStraighttooth Weasel Shark

FAMILY: Carcharhinidae  

Carcharhinus acronotusBlacknose Shark
Carcharhinus albimarginatusSilvertip Shark
Carcharhinus altimusBignose Shark
Carcharhinus amblyrhychoidesGraceful Shark
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchosGrey Reef Shark
Carcharhinus amboinensisPigeye (Java) Shark
Carcharhinus borneensisBorneo Shark
Carcharhinus brachyurusBronze Whaler (Copper Shark)
Carcharhinus brevipinnaSpinner Shark
Carcharhinus cautusNervous Shark
Carcharhinus cerdalePacific Smalltail Shark
Carcharhinus coatesiCoate’s Shark
Carcharhinus dussumieriWhitecheek Shark
Carcharhinus falciformisSilky Shark
Carcharhinus fitzroyensisCreek Whaler
Carcharhinus galapagensisGalapagos Shark
Carcharhinus hemiodonPondicherry Shark
Carcharhinus humaniHuman’s whaler shark
Carcharhinus isodonFinetooth Shark
Carcharhinus leiodonSmoothtooth Blacktip
Carcharhinus leucasBull Shark
Carcharhinus limbatusBlacktip Shark
Carcharhinus longimanusOceanic Whitetip Shark
Carcharhinus maclotiHardnosed Shark
Carcharhinus macrops 
Carcharhinus melanopterusBlacktip Reef Shark
Carcharhinus obscurusDusky Shark
Carcharhinus obsolerusLost Shark
Carcharhinus pereziCaribbean Reef Shark
Carcharhinus plumbeusSandbar Shark
Carcharhinus porosusSmalltail Shark
Carcharhinus sealeiBlackspot Shark
Carcharhinus signatusNight Shark
Carcharhinus sorrahSpottail Shark
Carcharhinus tilsoniAustralian Blacktip Shark
Carcharhinus tjujotIndonesian Whaler Shark
Galeocerdo cuvieriTiger Shark
Glyphis fowleraeBorneo River Shark
Glyphis gangeticusGanges Shark
Glyphis garrickiNew Guinea River Shark
Glyphis glyphisSpeartooth / Bizant River Shark
Glyphis siamensisIrrawaddy River Shark
Isogomphodon oxyrhynchusDaggernose Shark
Lamiopsis temminckiBroadfin Shark
Lamiopsis tephrodesBorneo Broadfin Shark
Loxodon macrorhinusSliteye Shark
Nasolamia veloxWhitenose Shark
Negaprion acutidensSharptooth / Sicklefin Lemon Shark
Negaprion brevirostrisLemon Shark
Prionace glaucaBlue Shark
Rhizoprionodon acutusMilk Shark
Rhizoprionodon lalandiiBrazilian Sharpnose Shark
Rhizoprionodon longurioPacific Sharpnose Shark
Rhizoprionodon oligolinxGrey Sharpnose Shark
Rhizoprionodon porosusCaribbean Sharpnose Shark
Rhizoprionodon tayloriAustralian Sharpnose Shark
Rhizoprionodon terraenovaeAtlantic Sharpnose Shark
Scoliodon laticaudusSpadenose Shark
Scoliodon macrorhynchosNew Spadenose Shark
Triaenodon obesusWhitetip Reef Shark

FAMILY: Sphyrnidae  

Eusphyra blochiiWinghead Shark
Sphyrna coronaMallethead / Scalloped Bonnethead
Sphyrna couardiWhitefin Hammerhead
Sphyrna gilbertiCarolina Hammerhead
Sphyrna lewiniScalloped Hammerhead Shark
Sphyrna mediaScoophead Shark
Sphyrna mokarranGreat Hammerhead Shark
Sphyrna tiburoBonnethead Shark
Sphyrna tudesSmalleye Hammerhead Shark
Sphyrna zygaenaSmooth Hammerhead Shark

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