Sharklab-Malta at the EEA conference in Bristol

For the first time Sharklab- Malta took part in the European Elasmobranch Association (EEA) Conference in Bristol, 2016, and presented the flagship project: The Recovery and Release Programme!

We were indescribably proud to be part of this great event and present our work. But this was not the only reason to celebrate. It was a very special occasion (not just because of Sharklab’s first participation) but the 20th anniversary of the conference event ANDthe inclusion of Sharklab- Malta as a NEW EEA MEMBER !!                                                

Shark Scientist and nerds from all over the globe were present and it was a truly inspiring atmosphere. A very warm and open welcome was give to everyone by SharkTrust and  presentations on various shark projects made this event very special. 

The presentations ranged from research on shark teeth to stomach content analysis, deep sea species and tagging studies, but also conservation efforts and new approaches to policy and management. It was simply fascinating and interesting to mingle among all these shark specialists.

Our poster was received very well, especially by other Mediterranean contributors, who showed a high interest in replicating our efforts in their own country.

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