Stop Finning EU – Open Session

How close are we to target?

So close! We can do it!
Sharklab Malta are proud to support the StopFinningEU Campaign.
Since 2013 the practice of shark finning (cutting off the fins and throwing the animal – often whilst still alive – back into the water) has been prohibited in European waters. Nevertheless, it still happens a lot because
(a) fisheries are poorly monitored and
(b) there are huge profit margins and so lots of money can be made with shark fins.
The main problem is that the trade (including import, transport and export) of loose shark fins is still allowed. This is something that StopFinning EU wants to change. The proposed new policy would ban all trade with loose shark fins within the European Union and would prohibit all import into and export out of the EU.
This would result in:
  • Trade with fins not being profitable anymore as the whole animal has to be transported instead of just the valuable fins
  • Fewer sharks caught within the EU
  • Fewer sharks caught worldwide as Europe is (hopefully soon was) the main trading hub
  • It would be much simpler to identify which species of sharks are traded and if they are protected by CITES (something that is very difficult with dried fins)
For this EU citizen campaign to succeed we need to collect 1 million signatures and reach a certain threshold in a few countries. The target for Malta is 4,500 signatures and the deadline is the 31.01.2022. 
Sharklab-Malta were pleased to offer an Open Session with guest speaker, marine biologist, Sarah Russwurm to help raise awareness and encourage people to sign.
Please watch our recording of this talk, to better understand sharks, their importance to our ecosystem,  the significance of this important issue, and how we can all help.

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