This Easter give an egg that really matters – adopt a shark

How about giving something different this Easter? 

Instead of giving your loved ones a chocolate egg, why not save a baby shark’s life and give them a gift that will add to their feel good pleasure, rather than to their waistline.

These sharks have been recovered as fertilised eggs from their mothers landed by fishermen at the main Maltese wholesale fish market. In the past these eggs were simply thrown into the waste bins, but now they have a chance to survive. 

With your support, and with the help of Malta National Aquarium, we keep the egg cases in a safe environment until the babies hatch, and then look after them until they are big enough to be released back where they belong.

Our founder Greg explains this in a little more detail in our short 2 minute video clip.

So What Happens When You “Adopt a Shark”?

The egg-laying species which can be adopted is the beautiful Smallerspotted Catshark (Scyliorhinus canicula).



Upon receiving your completed adoption form and donation of €25, we will send you an adoption pack, which includes details of the recovery and release program and interesting information about this species of shark.

After approximately 6 months you will receive a shark picture and your very own shark eggcase,  just like the one your shark will have hatched from!

And finally we will keep in touch to let you know the date, time and location of our next shark release, so you have the option of coming along to watch the sharks being set free.

All you need to do is complete the Adopt a Shark form below

and then make your donation and we will send out your adoption pack!


First please enter details of the person PAYING for the adoption

Now please enter details of the Adopter



Adopt a Shark


Please click on the link below and make the €25 adoption donation.

The “Adopt a Shark” campaign is part of the “Oviparous species Recovery and Release Program”, which is coordinated by Sharklab-Malta and supported by the Malta National Aquarium. This campaign is focused on education and will also help to raise funds for the running of this campaign and to enable Sharklab-Malta to undertake further research.


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