Virtual TEEN Science Cafes get underway

We start with a quote from

Rabat Middle School St. Nicholas College

“This was a very exciting week for our Science Department and our year 8 students. We had our Virtual Teen Science Cafe, the first of its kind which was a big success. 6 Science professionals sacrificed part of their time to talk to our students during the science lessons to promote science subjects and STEM careers. They came prepared with power point presentations, video clips and other objects to show online. Students from home also managed to join these sessions. May the Teen Science Cafe help you make informed option decisions. Aurobindo Pharma Malta,  Enemalta, Sharklab-Malta, Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy – ISSA – University of Malta”


This week Sharklab-Malta took part in V-TSC for the first time – this is a VIRTUAL – TEEN SCIENCE CAFE.   Using Microsoft Teams Dave and Pam talked to 4 classes of students – for 20 minutes a time – including showing them a mini-video of “500 days in the life of a shark”.  The first four sessions of VIRTUAL contact went vey well.  We have visited Rabat Middle School for the last three or four years – going in person, but because of covid this year it is a virtual visit.   We are booked for four sessions in the next week at  Handaq Middle School, St Ignatius College.  The following week we have one session at the National Sports School.   

Life is getting a new normal!

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