WE did it! and it is out there!

It has been more than 1.5 years since we first presented our work scientifically as poster presentation at the 2016 European Elasmobranch Association Conference in Bristol. Since then we continuously worked on the manuscript till we found the right journal (and a good set of reviewers, which made very nice and constructive comments) and made it to the final publication of our flagship research & conversation program – the eggcase recovery and release program.

In the meantime we had other entities showing a great deal of interest to copy our efforts.
We are now super proud and happy to share our work and methodology with interested people and colleagues around the world, and obviously are willing to increase our cooperation and research efforts.
Please spread the word !
We would also like to thank the Malta National Aquarium for their continuous support and great husbandry of our babies;  as well as Maltaqua Dive school, who contributed to our releases; both which are acknowledged in the paper.
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