What a busy and productive dissection weekend!

We had two very successful dissection days last weekend. We were working on sharks and rays provided by the Malta fish market, where sharks are sometimes landed. We never kill sharks, but dissection of landed sharks allows us to better understand the biology, morphology and behaviour of these amazing animals.

Three of our new SOK students dissected a longnosed spurdog. Our interns, Ben & Anona worked along with Rhianna on a bullray skeleton, which Will then cleaned.

Greg cleaned a skate jaw from a skate that we found in the market, but couldn’t easily identify. 

Pam provided learning and ensured all necessary items were available and no one cut themselves with sharp implements. (And removed some flesh from a starry smoothhound jaw.) 

On Sunday we were joined by pupils of Giovanni High School and we worked on another longnosed spurdog,  sections of a black tipped reef shark, and  a sharp nosed 7 gill.

All in all, it was a highly educational and useful weekend.

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